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Blood Pressure Monitoring
Free in-store test available.

Dispense Medicines in accordance with NHS and Private Prescriptions

Disposal of Medicines
Simply bring your unwanted medicines into the pharmacy and we will send them away to be incinerated

Emergency Hormonal Contraception on the NHS
We can supply the 'morning after' pill for women who have had unprotected sex. No appointment needed.

Flu Vaccinations
Flu vaccinations are available in-store at the start of the winter season. If you are an individual or a company, please contact us for more information. For the work place environments where large numbers need to be vaccinated, our pharmacist can come to the workplace.

Medicines Management
If you have trouble remembering to take your medication or you know of someone that finds it hard to remember, we can package medicines in our weekly medication trays. We offer this service completely free of charge. Please call us for more information and we would be happy to explain the service.

Medicines Use Reviews
At The + Pharmacy we undertake medicine usage reviews. This means we can check if your medication is being taken correctly and that you are receiving the best possible outcomes. Our pharmacists can advise of any issues and refer back o your doctor if needed.

New Medicines Services
If you have been prescribed a medicine for the first time, let our pharmacist know. We can then track your tolerance to your new medication and advise if your medicine does not suit. The pharmacist will call you over the course of a month to make sure all is well. If necessary the pharmacist can refer back to your doctor if needed.

Nursing Home Services
We offer a unique service to residential/nursing homes. We have developed our own in-house system that offers greater safety when administering medication. Our pharmacists provide medication usage reviews for your residents, audits and staff training. If you would like to know more please contact us.

Prescription Service
During our opening hours we will be able to provide a dispensing service for your NHS prescription, whether it is from your Doctor, Dentist or Prescribing Nurse. In addition we dispense private prescriptions. Also, we are now able to offer free printed information on common illnesses, to all our customers. We have a fully computerised patient medication records system, which stores all your medication records and alerts the pharmacist to possible drug interactions. Naturally, information held about patients is confidential and covered by the Data Protection Act. In the unlikely event that we do not have a particular drug in stock, usually we will obtain it for you the same day. Soon your GP will be able to send your prescription to us electronically. This will save you time as you will not have to go to your surgery to pick up your prescription. By nominating The + Pharmacy, your prescription will be sent to us directly, where we will dispense your medication and have it ready for you to collect or if you prefer delivered to your home. Call into the pharmacy to sign a nomination form and have the procedure explained to you more fully.

Repeat Prescription Service
Make life easier for yourself and let us order your prescription on your behalf. Simply let us know what repeat medicines you need, a few days before they run out, either in person, by phone, fax or email and we will arrange to collect it from your Doctor's surgery. We go daily to all the Doctors surgeries in our postcode. When we have collected your prescription it will be dispensed and waiting for you to collect at the pharmacy, or if you prefer we can deliver your prescription free of charge.

Smoking Cessation Services
We all know smoking is very harmful to our health but giving up can be hard. The pharmacist is an Accredited Smoking Advisor and can give you counselling about stopping smoking. Call into the pharmacy for further advice.

Supervised Consumption